Are you an Australian homeowner? According to a 2019-2020 ABS Survey, 47% of households reported that repairs or maintenance had been done on their current residence within the last 12 months. In this case, extending or replacing a leaky roof isn’t uncommon!

Whether you’re after a gable roof, a Colorbond roof, an energy-efficient home, or a new architectural style in mind, a roof extension project or replacement can be your ideal solution to providing a roof that lasts generations.

However, how does the process work? This article will explain an in-depth guide to roof extensions and replacements, covering their importance and how they can work for you. After all, a home is one of the most expensive investments.


The Importance of Roof Extensions and Replacements

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If your aim is reducing costs down the line for an indoor space, a roof replacement offers many benefits to all homeowners. Here is why you should decide on a replacement roof for your property.


Professional Roof Maintenance 

Roof maintenance and repairs can ensure your roof lasts and keep it in excellent condition. Fix minor damage, such as leaks, cracked tiles, or worn-out seals, and always watch your gutters and downpipes! Australia experiences extreme temperatures- heat, fierce winds, and heavy rainfall- which can trigger wear and tear on your roofs.


Roof leaks

Roof leakage can damage the structure of your home, and roofing maintenance can keep you safe from pricey repairs and property devaluation. Always identify roof leaks as quickly as possible. Have a roofing professional inspect your roof for cracked or broken tiles, rusted flashing, or anything that can lead to potential damage.


Curb appeal

Reworking the exterior as much as the interior, a roof restoration can add potential buyer appeal and perception if you plan to sell your home. Replacing a worn, old roof is a worthy investment that adds years of life to your home and can also give manufacturer warranties for peace of mind.



A roofing system is only durable with insulation. Lack of insulation can cause extreme temperatures within the home, hiked energy bills, and expensive repairs down the line. Investing in a new roofing system will result in comfortable living with maintained temperatures, reduced utility costs such as air conditioning, and safety due to protecting the home from intense hail and winds, and works as a flame retardant.


Energy efficiency 

Are you constantly stressing about the gas bill? Restoring your roof can keep icy air out during winter and repel heat during summer months, cutting back your heating and cooling costs for the year! Investing in a roofing professional to take care of your roof protects your home throughout all seasons, makes the roof last longer, and boosts the chances of a lucrative home investment.

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The Difference Between Roofing Extensions & Roof Replacement 

Understanding the difference between roofing extensions and replacements can prove helpful to your property plans. What are the differences, and what should you design for your home improvement plans? 

Roof extensions

Often more budget-friendly than a full replacement, roof extensions allow you to expand living areas without the material and labour costs associated with full-scale roof replacements. Another key advantage of this service is uniformity. During the roof extension process, contractors can ensure that any newly installed sections match the original roof’s style, appearance, and finish. 

In terms of the existing roof structure, an extension may also involve:

  • Pressure-washing
  • Re-spraying
  • Re-pointing

Roof extensions also reuse the existing structure, which is more environmentally sustainable. Likewise, extensions offer more customisable options regarding styles, materials, and overall architectural elements.

How do you know if a roof extension is right for you? Opt for a structural assessment with careful planning design expertise, and consider whether it addresses the original structure’s long-term issues.

Roof Replacements 

Often known as ‘re-roofing’,  this process involves removing the existing roof and installing a new one. While a roof extension may keep elements of the existing structure intact, a replacement essentially involves the removal of the entire thing. This way, you will receive a new roof free of structural problems, leaks, and damage, which will set you up well moving forward.

You may need a roof replacement if:

  • The roof is more than 25 years old
  • There are cracks and holes in the tiles
  • The paint is worn or degraded
  • There has been recent or regular water damage

Replacing your roof is also a way to embrace the latest roofing technologies–such as Laserlite or Colorbond–offering advanced insulation and weather-resistance features. As long as you partner with a reputable roofing contractor, you can expect generous warranty guarantees from the manufacturer and installer. 

So, how do you know if a roof replacement suits your circumstances? Ultimately, it comes down to how damaged or worn the structure is in its current state. Although the process is more time-consuming than a roof extension, it can be a valuable home investment over the long term!

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Benefits of Roof Extensions 

What are the advantages of a roof extension for your home? Many reasons make this process worth your investment, from extending the eaves to converting it to a different style.


  1. An extension can be built. When extending your property, it needs a roof over it. This involves creating a smaller roof from scratch, offering freedom from a structural point of view. If you want an upgrade to your modern home, an extension is a great way.
  1. Add an attic! An existing roof can sometimes be too small to accommodate an existing attic. Instead of flat roofs, which don’t leave space, a mono-pitch roof and low hip roofing option are perfect for creating an attic to assist with storage, improve ventilation, or build a loft room. 
  1. Extend the eaves or overhang. An overhang keeps rain away from the home’s walls to reduce the effects of wild weather, such as heavy rain or hail. Extending your existing roof a bit further requires less work than a traditional extension, which might work better for your timeframe. 
  1. Partial conversion. Do you want to increase the space in a given area? Completely changing the style of the roof is only sometimes necessary. Converting a hip roof to a gable roof, for example, can add more vertical space at the converted ends of the roof.

Types of Roof Extensions

Curved roof design

If you enjoy creativity, a curved roof design is one way to be different. Make your verandah stand out with a trendy extension that can be easily combined with flat or gabled roof elements, and add organic curves that don’t impact water drainage on those rainy days.

Flat roof design

Carports and verandahs benefit from this extension–polycarbonate can be installed for soft light on sunny days–which is advantageous for the entire family! It is an excellent choice for a minimalist look as a standard, simple, sleek, flat roof design.

Hip roof design

Want an extension that can handle high winds? As a trendy extension option, the hip roof design has four sides that slope downward, which is very different from a gable roof. 

Dutch gable roof

Consider this extension if you adore a traditional gable roof that dates back to the Renaissance. This Dutch gable roofing option combines a hip roof and a gable roof constructed at the hip’s base. Works well with any material of choice!


If you’re searching for a roofing service in Frankston, Carrum Downs, or Cranbourne, Xclusive Roofing provides the home improvement advice you need to push your project forward. 


Roofing Extensions – Selecting the Best Materials

The material you decide on for your roof extension will determine its performance. With this in mind, what can you consider?

From tiles to Colorbond, many great alternatives can make your home more energy efficient, visually appealing, and prepared for Australia’s unpredictable weather.

Popular Materials

Metal roofing: Low maintenance and long-lasting, metal roofing is often made from steel alloys, such as Zincalume or Colorbond steel. They are available in various colours, easily matching existing roofs and your home patio!

Terracotta roof tiles: As baked clay roof tiles in terracotta or slate, these materials offer a timeless look and thermal and acoustic insulation. Being non-combustible, terracotta roof tiling isn’t easily destroyed by house fires.

Concrete roof tiles: Often more affordable than tile roofing, concrete roof tiles can bring several roofing extension ideas to life. If you’re unsure, speak to experienced tradesmen for professional roofing advice.

Polycarbonate roofing: Polycarbonate is an incredible alternative to glass roofs, being lighter, insulated, and able to block 99.9% of UV rays from the sun. Use for roof extensions over pools or other outdoor areas!

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Benefits of a Roof Replacement

Whether you plan to sell your house or upgrade from a single-storey,  replacing or extending a roof is a better investment for your financial future.

An inadequate or damaged roofing structure can cause further property damage and leave the interior susceptible to weather-related issues. Roofs in this condition, therefore, often make it harder for the owner to sell. 

Reliable Roofing Restoration in Cranbourne

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Whether you’re stressed about building regulations, the type of roofing material, or the processes behind an efficient home renovation, our qualified tradesmen and apprentices offer professional advice. 

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