Rain on Gutters

Made from Australian Bluescope Steel, Colorbond specialises in the design and manufacturing of metal roofs. These high-strength roofs are powder-coated with a steel base and applied with a coat of colour and a thin resin to achieve their signature for a polished look. Whether your home has an existing Colorbond roof or not, Colorbond steel downpipes, fascia, and gutters are a great way to complement any setup. 

Colorbond steel gutters are known for their excellent strength and durability. However, like all roofing components, they still need regular maintenance and upkeep to serve their purpose correctly. This way, you can have the confidence and assurance of long-lasting performance.

So, what are the best ways to maintain your Colorbond gutters? Let’s delve into the top maintenance tips and how a professional roofer can help.

The Importance of Maintaining Colorbond Roof Gutters

Man Cleaning Gutters

Gutters play a critical role in protecting your home from water damage, so failing to maintain your gutters can result in serious leaks and drainage issues.

Whether the initial installation is causing an issue or your gutters have been neglected over time, it may be time for a roof restoration or replacement. With this in mind, why is it so important to care for your guttering?

  • Gutters allow rainwater or hail to melt away from the structure of your home, collecting water running off your roof, channelling it along a pipeline–known as a downpipe–and safely dropping this water onto the ground.
  • Guttering protects your foundations and walls from damage due to water leakage.
  • Cracks in the roof guttering system allow rainwater onto driveways or sideways. As asphalt and concrete are porous materials that absorb liquid, they damage surfaces over time.
  • Water leakage into your ceiling can cause mildew, early-stage mould build-up, and a health hazard for children or the elderly. Cracks in the foundation due to water damage can cause moisture, leading to mould growth inside your home.
  • Colorbond gutters stop walls from rotting and water from seeping into masonry or mortar joints caused by wear and tear.

Guttering Systems – Our Professional Maintenance Tips

Gutters Sprayed with Water

1. Regular Inspections

Colorbond gutter installations should be inspected at least every six months, ideally at the end of spring and autumn, but why else are they so important to your gutter longevity?

Prevent pest infestations: If your gutters become clogged, this can become a breeding ground for pests such as rodents, mosquitos, and insects. As pests can cause damage to your home and become a serious health risk, regular gutter inspections and cleaning can stop the build-up of debris so pests don’t live in your gutters.

Save money on repairs: You can avoid expensive replacements and repairs by identifying and repairing smaller issues before they escalate to larger ones.

Improve curb appeal: Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to sell your property or want your roof looking more appealing, a well-maintained gutter ensures your home looks great. Periodic cleaning and inspection help to remove dust, debris, rust, and other build-ups that decrease the value of your property.


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2. Gutter Blockages and Sagging

Colorbond gutters are specifically designed to reduce the risk of potential weather damage, but what are the most common signs of damage you can encounter? Let’s take a look.

Clogs and blockages: If a storm occurs, twigs, leaves, and debris can get caught in gutters or downspouts. This results in blockages, which prevent the free flow of water. Clean your gutters regularly to prevent clogs. Gloves, a gutter scoop, or a specialised tool can be used to clear debris, and it is often advised to invest in gutter guards for extra protection.

Sagging gutters: Gutters can sag from the weight of debris, water, or ice, and the hangers that support them become damaged or loose. To fix this, the gutter hangers can be tightened or replaced as needed, ensuring gutters are pitched towards downspouts for clean water flow.

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3. Check For Leaks

In the case of holes and leaks, galvanic corrosion or physical damage can develop leaks or holes. Small holes can be patched with cement and a metal roof repair patch for these roof repairs. Larger holes, on the other hand, will need to be replaced, with joints sealed to prevent leaks.

There is also the risk of overflowing gutters. Whether your gutters are improperly installed, sized incorrectly, or blocked, gutters can overflow during heavy rainfall. Gutters must always be debris-free and have clear downspouts. If gutters are overflowing more often than not, consider installing larger guttering systems or additional downspouts.

4. Apply Protective Coating

To improve Colorbond guttering and its resistance to weathering, apply a protective coating to your Colorbond roof to increase strength against the elements.

To prolong the lifespan of your steel roofing, choose a coating specifically designed for Colorbond surfaces and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

To learn more about how professional roof inspectors can help you, check out the ultimate guide to roofing extensions and replacements, which covers its importance and how it can work for your home.

5. Trim Overhanging Branches

Are your gutters getting blocked at an unnaturally fast rate? If trees are nearby or hanging directly above them, there’s a good chance that leaves and debris are falling into your guttering system.

Removing the branches using a pruning shear or a saw too close to your roofline reduces the risk of unwanted clogging, so you don’t need excess gutter cleaning. 

If you want to know about other roofing types, explore the benefits of tile roofing restoration, how you can enhance the aesthetic quality of your property, and why it can be worth the investment.

6. Clear Downspouts

The pooling of water near the foundation of Colorbond gutters can occur if downspouts aren’t directing water away from the house.

Attaching extensions or splash blocks will guide water away from your home, and installing a dry well or French drain system for optimal water management. To combat signs of damage in your guttering system, it’s also a great idea to install gutter guards–also called gutter screens, shields, or helmets–to keep them covered.


7. Thorough Cleaning

If the weather forecast is zero rain, this is the best time to thoroughly clean your guttering system, as debris is dry and easy to remove. 

Ensure you have a ladder, trowel, buckets, a hose, and a gutter-cleaning attachment. Use two buckets to collect debris and another to contain your tools; alternatively, you can scoop and drop debris onto the ground below.

Start cleaning near the downpipe, clearing twigs, sticks, and leaves first, using a trowel to remove packed debris such as mud and dirt. After large debris is gone, use a hose to flush out any remaining residual, small materials, making sure to start at the end of the downpipe.

Remove the bottom end if water refuses to drain due to a clogged downpipe. Setting your hose at full power, feed it up the downpipe from the bottom to dislodge debris. Next, reinstall the end of the downpipe and flush the entire gutter to be certain.


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Investing in Colorbond Gutters

According to a recent market report from IBISWorld, the market size of the metal roof and guttering manufacturing industry has grown 4.2% per year on average between 2018 and 2023. In 2023, the market size grew to $2.3 billion. These figures demonstrate both the growing interest and the growing demand for high-quality metal roofing. 

Affordable, durable, and available in a wide range of profiles, Colorbond gutters, downpipes and fascias are popular for good reason. By following the maintenance tips listed above, your home will receive the perfect combination of style and protection.

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Getting Started With Roofing Restoration 

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Whether you’re dealing with sealant failures, galvanic corrosion, potential water damage, or need professional inspections to get your gutters back to tip-top conditions, we can help.

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